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Full Service Wedding Planning - FABULOUS WEDDING

Full Service Wedding Planning

Hey y’all.

  • Do you want to enjoy your wedding planning phase and give the stress away to an experience wedding planner?
  • Do you want to stay on budget?
  • Do you want to want an efficient and budget concisous plan that lets you remain control?

Consider this Full Service Wedding package when you would like to have support in your wedding planning process from A to Z! I can help you with everything! So lets make this the most beautiful wedding of your dreams! Your wishes are my command. So don’t worry, you will stay in control at all times. How does it work? After our first get to know meeting, we will sign a contract that is customized to your needs and wants. In there we will highlight yours and the wedding planners involvement. With this it is clear what to expect from each other. After that, we will draw up an organizational plan. In there information, such as finding a great location, dresses, decoration, jewellery, band/ DJ, Photographer etc. will be logged. Fabulous Wedding will provide you with several checklists. Depending on your involvement, Fabulous Wedding will update you on a regular basis with pending actions and tasks involvement. Fabulous Wedding will update you on a regular basis with pending actions and tasks already done. So that you are at all times in control. It will be clear to you which tasks are on which status. Step by step we will work our way through everything that needs to be done, while maintaining tight control on your budget and timeframe. In addition, if you are interested we can weave in a special wedding (color) theme throughout the day, subtle or not. The events planned for the entire day will be scripted in a Wedding Day Program, leaving nothing to chance (unless requested). This plan will be the wedding days guideline and can be used by your wedding day coordinator (maybe Fabulous Wedding). This script will be the guideline during the wedding. In case we will be your Wedding Day Coordinator, then Fabulous Wedding will be the first point of contact for you, your guests and all suppliers involved.

  • Introductory meeting
  • Location scout
  • Decoration & Styling advice, if desired
  • Proposing appropriate and professional suppliers within the set budget (catering, rental, photographer, wedding cake, transport, videographer, florist, music, light & sound, bridal styling etc.)
  • Negotiate deals and review contracts of suppliers
  • Contact person between wedding couple / contractor and suppliers
  • Overview of the budget and the financial planning for the wedding
  • A personal collaboration for emotional and physical support with the contractor (personal / telephone appointments and / or e-mail traffic)
  • Making all necessary appointments and presence during informative agreements with suppliers (location visits, introductory meetings, detailed meetings)
  • Design scenario – Defines the time plan, set-up and routes, if desired
  • Presence during the entire wedding day for set up; act as a point of contact for both guests and suppliers; coordinate planned activities according to scenario for a carefree day!

Feel free to contact me for any questions or details you might want to add or dicsuss.